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2015 Integrated Water Resources Management Plan – Intro and Context

Synopsis: This article provides an introduction and the context of a report by ORASECOM that layout the Orange-Senqu River Basin Read more

Orange-Senqu Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Plan – 2014

Introduction The water resources planning intervention options (as discussed in the following sections) are seen as the most likely developments Read more

Irrigation Water Demand Management (WP6)

Objectives The overall objective of the work package was to attain an overall understanding of how better management practices could reduce Read more

Environmental Flow Requirements for the Orange-Senqu Basin (WP5)

Objectives The main objective for this Work Package is to assess Environmental Flow Requirements (EFRs) at selected key areas of Read more


The Orange–Senqu River Commission – ORASECOM – was established by the governments of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa to promote equitable and sustainable development of the resources of the Orange–Senqu River... read more.

Orange-Senqu Water Information System (WIS)

The Orange-Senqu WIS supports data and information sharing between the ORASECOM riparian States: The WIS provides searchable:

  • documents, data, media and software produced by ORASECOM, developed through direct or donor funding, in support of the Integrated Water Resources Management and information sharing goals of the organisation
  • water resource related data collection and sharing initiatives of riparian States, and contact information of key organsations in the riparian States with water resource management related information.

All data and documents are searchable. Some important data, documents and data sources are highlighted in the following categories for easy browsing:

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