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Support to Phase 3 of the ORASECOM Basin-wide Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) – Plan: Overview

Overview The main objectives of this consultancy were to undertake scenario analyses, economic, water requirement projection and ecological support studies Read more

Water Resources Quality Joint Basin Surveys (JBSs)

The second 5-yearly comprehensive Joint Basin Survey (JBS2) of the quality of the water resources of the Orange-Senqu River Basin was undertaken Read more

2014 Integrated Water Resources Management Plan (IWRMP) – Summary and Documents

Purpose: This article will provide an overview of the 2014 IWRMP and provide links to the actual documents Related WIS Read more

Irrigation Water Demand Management (WP6)

Objectives The overall objective of the work package was to attain an overall understanding of how better management practices could reduce Read more

Orange-Senqu in Botswana: Groundwater

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Boreholes in the Botswana part of the Orange-Senqu Basin


Well-fields in the Botswana part of the Orange-Senqu Basin


Groundwater vulnerability map in the Botswana part of the Orange-Senqu Basin

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